A Photo Every Day from the Sunshine Coast - Australia

Tuesday 21 July 2009


Somewhere between the ocean and the shore, rock pools form, and as rock pools seem to do, these house all manner of marine life.

Mostly these are inaccessible as wave action ensures that only the fool hardy or ignorant will venture there.

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


cara said...

Have you gone yet? If not, bon voyage..I hope you find that elusive light you are seeking and I hope your trip "rocks"!

Looking forward to your strangers too.

bitingmidge said...

One more sleep. I can't remember being quite so wound up before a trip before, it's the four months that's doing it.

Thanks for the wishes!

Jilly said...

Love this. Rock pools and childhood go together except I've never grown out of mine. One can spend hours just peering and prodding.

Have a wonderful trip, Biting Midge. I don't know where you are going...I obviously missed that information but doubtless I will find out. Have a ball!

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