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Friday, 15 May 2009

Meet the Bigs
1 of 4; The Big Cow

Now here's a picture I posted almost exactly a year ago. I apologise for that, but not for the comments I recall making at the time which had something to do with insecurity of the place as I recall.

We have more than our share of big things on the Sunshine Coast, and the next few days (OK three days) will feature the biggest, including one which doesn't feature in the national list of big things which can be found at the link below. Sadly I didn't have time to find the big bottle or the big shell, but they can wait for another time.

Links to big things!


Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


cara said...

I drove past the Big Shell earlier on in the year. It's a conch.

Unknown said...

Aaah the big bottle. A giant bottle, made out of bottles with a bottle house!
Last I recall, the big bottle was knocked down?
A sad day. I remember my mum getting the certificate to say she went down the big bottle (it's a slide).

Good times!

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