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Sunday 11 January 2009

Body Boards

A thief stealing away into the sunset? A professional bodyboarder taking his quiver home?

Possibly not. More likely a grandparent acting as a packhorse trudging home in the evening light!



Julie said...

He is clean and tidy for a day at the beach, though. I like the muscle definition of his legs.

These sorts of shots are less stressful than the others we are trying to get, aren't they? However, we will come full circle and be able to take allowed-candid shots - if that concept makes sense.

Anonymous said...

i love the candid photos you took. they're so alive and interesting.

slim said...

Nice catch! The grandpas around Quincy, are carrying snow boards, tubes, and sleds . . . I'll have to try and catch one.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Your future awaits.

Ursel said...

I like how you caught him in the moment of walking. Body boarding is so much fun.
Thanks for your new year wishes. A Happy New Year for you as well.

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