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Tuesday 9 December 2008


December is when the last of the Poinciana blooms begin to fade. Through the early part of summer the Delonix regia (Poinciana's) provide a brilliant red orange foil to the mauve of the Jacarandas.

The Poinciana is native to Madagascar, but flourishes in our climate providing deep shade and a wild canopy of colour.

It's an illusion which makes the photo look like a faded relic, but in the last throes of the afternoon, the colour seems to infuse with the fading blue of the sky.



Jane Hards Photography said...

Incredible orange and so vibrant against that fabulous blue sky. Bring on summer, nevermind winter.

Julie said...

Oh to see a grove of jacaranda and poinciana side-by-side! I am exhausted just spelling the two of them!

melanie said...

Oh, vraiment très beau !

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