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Tuesday, 29 July 2008


The rescue chopper patrols the beaches as well as being called on for marine rescue and other emergency evacuation work.

I can never decide which shutter speed to use when photographing helicopters. I think the blade is too "still" in this shot, but never mind, at least we can see the red navigation light.

A visiting friend of mine wouldn't go into the water once, after I told him the red (navigation) light was a warning that there were sharks out there! (oops!)

Winter Sky


MmeBenaut said...

Oh Peter, you are mean. But, there are sharks out there!

Andrew said...

You're right about the shutter speed. Without a bit more motion blur, it almost looks as though the chopper is falling -- unless, of course, that's the effect you were after!

Great stuff, though. I'm moving to Noosa for a year in January, so I'm really enjoying your blog.

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