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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Summer Equinox

For those who have never seen an equinox, I am told it appears as a flash of light across a beach!

In our part of the world, the sun sets in high summer sometime before seven in the evening, by March it has gone well before six, but in our modern world, technology has rendered the passing of the sun to be of little consequence.

The beach at Mooloolaba is illuminated no doubt to a level which meets some obscure safety standard, so that in the evening, people can go about their leisure activities as though immune to the forces of the night slowly enveloping the rest of the world.

As the days begin to become noticeably shorter, in our household thoughts once again turn to travelling to the hemisphere where the opposite effect is to be experienced, a place where this equinox signals lengthening days and hopefully warming weather.   It is again time for us to adopt the habits of the migratory creatures that we have become and prepare to depart to the opposite end of the earth.

There, we will find that summer awaits once more!


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Julie said...

That equinox sighting is reminiscent of a drop-bear sighting, Pierre.

Correct me if I am misguided - often the case- but this is the autumnall equinox rather than the summer one. There is not a summer equinox, but rather a summer solstice. Equinox being related to the concept of equality. Yes .. ?

Anyways ... whatever ...

I am glad you and Jo are preparing to travel back over yonder in your ratty and moley guise. See Australia does have seasons: summer is when the Hyndmans reside on the Sunshine Coast; and, winter is when the Hyndmans reside somewhere on a French canal.

Off to see my brother today, so shall try to respond to your emails later this arvo and evening.

Jim said...

Cool shot.

Joe said...

I'm looking out for that flash of light across the beach. Your narrative made very interesting reading. Wishing you much sunshine.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Well some of us look forward to rugging up (and heading north when it gets too cold).

Kate said...

Such a beautiful sky! We have become so captivated by technology that sometimes we ignore or do not appreciate the forces of nature.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Do you really spend the Australian winter months in France, oh you lucky, lucky family!Really enjoyed your equinox post Peter.

wilf said...

The light does cast some very interesting shadows on the beach, making a beautiful image.

Buck said...

I like your interpretation of the theme! Dark skies are hard to come by these days. The seashore is a treasure in that regard.

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