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Friday, 15 March 2013

Reflecting on five years

I began this blog on the 15th March 2008, on the day that the three former councils of Noosa, Caloundra and Maroochy were merged by State Government decree into one large "City".

Five years later, the residents of Noosa have succeeded in forcing a de-amalgamation, leaving the southern two-thirds of the region once again in a state of forming a "new" City.   It will retain the same name, and so will this blog.

When the towns were first merged, I was unsure what it was that I was trying to capture.   We are a new community living in a newly created environment.  Our oldest buildings, few though they may be, are less than a century old, and it is unlikely that any of them will see the end of this century.

On the other hand, as if to reflect the transience of the population of the town, our own life has taken a turn in that time.  While we still call this place "home", we now live in a world of perpetual summer, alternating between northern and southern hemispheres, moving with the tides and sometimes with the wind.  Now "the Coast" as the Sunshine Coast is known locally is more our place of refuge from our travels, a place we visit for four or five months a year, so this blog cannot be a place to publish the latest news, rather it will become a collection of my impressions of the time we spend here.

That in itself may shape the photos and my approach in the coming years, we will see.   In the meantime I would like to thank all who are visitors, regular or otherwise for your support and comments.   I REALLY do appreciate them!

Here's to the next five years!

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Kate said...

Thank you for this post and congratulations! I don't always comment but I visit frequently. Looking forward to more photos from your part of the world.

Julie said...

I am all for deamalgamation. I think New South wales should deamalgamate from the rest of the continent.

Onya for the 5 years ... when do you choof off northwards again ...

bitingmidge said...

Hi Julie, (and Kate!) Off-choofing later next month, once I'm happy the CDP forum is working properly :)

Yes, I think you're right, we'd be much better off without NSW - (ha!)

Annie said...

Congratulations. Well done. I have enjoyed reading it all! And enjoyed your great photos of the Coast!

You prompted me to check how long I have been posting, and I discovered I started mine at the end of March...five years ago also!

Lady Di Tn said...

Happy 5th Anniversy. May the next yrs prove to be exciting. Peace

Joan Elizabeth said...

Well if you've been going 5 years then I have done 6!

The only thing annoys me about your heading off north in the Autumn is that we also head north at that time of year (but not as far north as you) and you are not home.

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