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Friday, 11 May 2012


I keep trying to photograph the trees in Bulcock Street, with little success.   The figs cast heavy shade over the street and to my mind look simply fantastic, but there is a push to rid the town of the nasty evil things.

Something to do with their roots not being quite what they should be, enabling them to tumble over occasionally.



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Anonymous said...

yeh thats right get rid of the only pollution filter in town so when we walk through we choke good one people, but if they had any brains what so ever they would leave them and do what every other town that has them has done and anchor them with cables, a...reasonably cost effective alternative to chopping them down which would no doubt cost more

bitingmidge said...

Or do what many other towns have done and provide buses! ;-) Hipefully someone will see the error of their way and they'll stay!

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