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Friday, 14 January 2011

Ever Vigilant

The volunteer life savers keep their eye out for even the foolhardy. Here they keep a watchful eye on a surfer swimming across the bar at Pumicestone Passage on an outgoing tide.

Meanwhile across the rest of the state, mostly the floodwaters are slowly beginning to recede.  The drama and the stories continue, and thousands of volunteers are involved in searching for the missing, and commencing the heartbreaking clean up.

King's Beach

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Ann said...

Was interested to read that the surf lifesavers are using their boats to ferry people around in the flood.

Annie said...

gosh, yes, I saw the young and foolhardy doing that when I was there on holidays!

Anonymous said...

thats me and my friend

bitingmidge said...

Keep up the good work! ;-)

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