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Sunday 5 July 2009

Views of Point Cartwright
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I love the foreshore around this kilometre or so of coastline as it changes every few metres in texture and degree of danger. My photographic skills are inadequate to capture the full range of emotions it conveys, but on a clear winter day with little swell, it's a magical place to poke around.

Pt Cartwright

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Joan Elizabeth said...

Ah yes, it is annoying when the camera just doesn't convey it all. Not sure in your case whether it is a lack of skill or simply the medium being inadequate.

I love that expression "a magical place to poke around". Yesterday were poking around the Bridal Track that runs along the Macquarie River from Hill End to Bathurst. You'll remember it as another magical place. I too was annoyed that the camera just wouldn't pick up the joy. I'll be a month before I show the pics.

istanbuldailyphoto said...

An interesting view ...

Lois said...

Gorgeous! A clear winter day sounds heavenly to me right now!

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