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Thursday 2 July 2009

Views of Point Cartwright
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Walking a few hundred metres closer to the river mouth, and back in time by almost a year, after the storm the remnants of swell remain.

Notice the height of the waves relative to the white marker on the rockwall, and remember that for tomorrow!

Pt Cartwright

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Julie said...

Is this an easterly point for the coastline? Like Byron Bay? Between which two main towns? Is it a weather beacon thing?

Must get up to QLD again ... last time was Y2K and that was way up in Cairns.

bitingmidge said...

It's a bit weird really, it appears to be quite Easterly, but it's not really, and it actually points to the North.

I am told that boys understand that sort of thing, girls are just happy to know it's there!

No point coming till mid November though, not till we're back in town!

bitingmidge said...

Did I mention that the river mouth actually faces North West?

Julie said...

How wierd is that river mouth? Jim here in Sydney pointed me to some beach in Manly that faced West.

West ...

Mo said...

This is such a lovley coastline

Aimz said...

I like this shot especially the waves just breaking!

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