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Wednesday 15 July 2009

On the river

Not every boat needs a mooring, some simply get pulled up on the beach, or more commonly trailed home behind a car.

If you've been dropping in here for a while, by now you'll recognise this little aluminium boat as a "tinny". If you look closely near the skipper, you'll see a pair of lawnmower wheels on this one, set up so the boat can be turned upside down, and wheeled home along the footpath!


Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your beautiful photos. My husband is Australian (I am American). We live in the states and go back to Australia every year. But this year I can't make the trip. I stumbled onto your site a couple of weeks ago and was instantly hooked. You have photographed so many of my favorite places. I am still making my way through your photos. Do you by any chance have any of Chambers Island on this site? That is my favorite place in the entire world, hands down. Anyway, thanks again, and Please keep up the fantastic work!

bitingmidge said...

Thank-you, I'm pleased that you are enjoying the site, it's great to receive feedback such as yours!

No, I haven't got to Chambers Island yet (photographically speaking) but it will happen!

Look out over the coming months for a series on Cotton Tree and the North Shore though, that ought to make you doubly "Australia sick" (or whatever it's called!).

Julie said...

What a nice comment to receive! Wuhoo!

You are joking though about the wheels ... surely ... naah probably not ... youse Queenslanders do things differently ... better shut up until tonight is over ... and even after that!!

bitingmidge said...

I never joke, surely you know that. (well not about the wheels anyway!)

And as for tonight, well it's already over isn't it? ;-)

Still, NSW did come second in the series, that's nothing to be sneezed at!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Ah tinny to me is the tin bath we have here, as in the tin bath boat race. No engines allowed. How nice to get such positive feedback form a stranger.

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