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Monday, 11 May 2009


The road into town.

Let's leave Noosa for a bit and head ten or twelve kilometres down the road to what I have no doubt will one day become the commercial heart of the city. It's an interesting planning exercise this Sunshine Coast Region, smashing all the little communities together and waiting for them to join through sheer pressure of growth. It worked very successfully 200 kilometres south on the Gold Coast, and I think that people are forgetting that took 30 years, not one or two.

So Nambour, is often derided by those who live in the more sulubrious parts of town as "boring", but it's far from it. It's a pretty little place with hills framing each of its major thoroughfares. It has none of the glitz of the wealthier areas, but it does have an established population of over 15,000 people and it's not much more than fifteen minutes drive to the beach.

Besides, it's where Council's offices are, so it must be important.


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westondailyphoto said...

have to get use to drive on the "other" side....lol

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