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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Thai Seasons

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

What is it with Thai Restaurants and their propensity for witty names? It was only that we were eating at the marvellously simple Thai Seasons in Mooloolaba while the Australian Open Tennis Tournament was on, that I realised it's former moniker, "Thai Breaker" was not about the beach and the waves after all.

Then of course there's the Hard Wok Cafes, the Wok on Inn, the Bangkok Milton, and a seemingly endless round of Thai puns.

If it wasn't for the food, well we just wouldn't go!



Lois said...

Very funny! I'm not so sure I would want to sit under that shelf which seems to be overloaded with those bottles!

Zett said...

I must be a bit slow this morning ... took me a while to work out the Thai Breakers - Tie Breaker tennis pun. Perhaps i should go back to bed, and start the day again after a couple more hours sleep :) You're so funny

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