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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Eumundi House

Just a house. Harking back to times gone by, but the clear timber is a giveaway. No self respecting old-timer would have left timber exposed to the elements like that.

There is a curious conflict among some of the house "restoration" crowd which involves stripping off the history which is documented in the layers of paint and render, to expose the materials in their raw state. But the builders knew better originally, and always protected the materials with thick paint.

Once again I digress, timber houses on stumps with metal roofs are our vernacular form of residential architecture, or were, until the concrete slab came along in the nineties.


Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Julie said...

Another part of our architectural vernacular surely has to be the placing of windows that are too small and not in the right aspect to let light in. Maybe in QLD the purpose is to keep sun out ...

Jacob said...

Thanks for a most interesting post. I would never had thought of exposed timber and windows too small!

Nice little house, though!

Sarah Lulu said...

Yes a lovely house ...I agree about the exposed timber!

Sally said...

Ah yes! In Sydney the 70s brigade took to the cement render on their terrace houses with a pick-axe, and exposed the porous sandstock bricks....then wondered why damp became a problem. :-)

Annie said...

Ah, good to see some old houses again, makes me feel at home!

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