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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Need a drink?

Saturday is market day at Eumundi, and this fellow was running by quite early in the morning.

I've never been one for jogging, and certainly don't have any attributes which would justify me doing so half naked. Some people seem to spend an awful lot of time getting the right amount of sun, exercise and finding the right brand of sunglasses.

I don't, which I suppose is why I'm more comfortable taking photographs than being in them, but couldn't help but smile as this poor tortured soul laboured past the front of the bottle shop signage.


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Lois said...

Oh my gosh, please put a shirt on!

Antjas said...

Are you saying this guy is "hot" in more ways than one? Actually, I admire the fact that he's taking care of himself.

Sakiwi said...

Well, good on him for trying to stay fit and for clearly not having issues showing off his own body!

Jane Hards Photography said...

You are positively evil but I would have done the same with that signage. Nicely observed.

Julie said...

The sad thing about this bloke is that - looking beyond the photograph - he has issues about age. Every thing about him screams "younger woman": the tatts, the sunnies, the hair style, the need to be fit. All this is required because men as they age will only consider younger stunners! Men aged 60 are attracted to women in their mid 40s.

Bitter ... moi?

Virginia said...

And I've never really seen runners smiling. They always have that pained look on their face that makes me fear I'm going to be picking them up off the street any minute. Might I just add what it does to one's body after a certain age. I won't elaborate.

Virginia said...

After reading the comments, I just have to add that men in their 60's here are looking for younger than 40's! That dude needs a bra not a younger woman!

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