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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Pumping Yabbies

Yabbies are a small crustacean, similar to a shrimp, mostly living below the sand. A small hand pump is used to catch them, so they can be used live for bait.

Here a fisherman tries his luck, readying for the night.

Maroochy River


MmeBenaut said...

I love yabbies - dipped in vinegar. I just need someone else to shell them for me. Hee hee.

freefalling said...

Oh - I used to love going yabbie pumping with my uncle and sister.
Usually around Weyba Creek at Noosaville or Golden Beach at Caloundra.

J.C. said...

Yabbies are very popular in Shanghai. That's where I had my first and many, many meals of yabbies. Back in Malaysia now, I have yet to see any restaurant offering this crustacean. I like them with vinegar too.

Nice silhoutte!

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