A Photo Every Day from the Sunshine Coast - Australia

Thursday, 3 April 2008


A lone casuarina, having battled for so long and so improbably in the middle of the beach, is about to give up the fight!

Cotton Tree


M.Benaut said...

I really love this part of the world. Is this the place where a river meets the sea with many huge sandbags to slow the erosion ?
If I am right, there should be an island with a funny name, nearby. Something like, Mad Woman Island?

bitingmidge said...

You are spot on the money!

Old Woman Island is a little to the left and out of frame, as are the huge sandbags.

I'll have to get out there again soon. I thought at first I would have trouble finding a photo a day, but at the moment I'm not sure that I'll live long enough to describe the place!


M.Benaut said...

Well, you're doing a mighty fine job of it so far. Coolum, Alex Headland and stuff.
How about a shot from Mudjimbahh, (can't spell it) but looking back down the coast towards your today's shot.
God's own country, I say. Queensland has a stunning coastline !
And then, there's Eumundi. They make ripper beer there.
Keep up the good work, it's right at your doorstep.

Janet said...

Aw, no more shade on the beach! Dramatic shot.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful and really striking picture.

Sally said...

Almost looks like a desert oasis with mirage on the portal pic.

freefalling said...

That poor old tree.
That beach looks soooo good - I'm starting to feel another beach break coming on!

Kim said...

Bitingmidge, It's my first visit to your blog, and I've very much enjoyed strolling through your photos and getting a taste for the Sunshine Coast. When I saw the title in the portal I thought the photos would depict an area of British Columbia also known by that name. Your writing is fabulous and I've laughed out loud a couple times (e.g. Malibu Hotel name origin). I can tell we'll get on famously. Best to you in this new venture, and welcome to the City Daily Photo family!
Seattle Daily Photo

J.C. said...

I like this shot very much. Struck me when I saw it!

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