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Thursday, 2 November 2017

February 2013

This photo is a curiosity for me from a number of perspectives, the least of them being that the intervening five years have rendered our front garden unrecognisable from this shot.   Secondly in an age of disposable electronics, I am happy to say that "that" new camera is still serving me well.   I have chosen to publish in a different crop format of course, and I would hope that even if I haven't got any better, results with it are coming a little easier!

I have a new camera and am just dying to get out and see if it works, but since it arrived our daily rainfalls have been 50, 42, and 72 mm respectively.   That's 2, 2 3/4 and 3 inches near enough, so the closest I can actually get to "out" is onto our front verandah between squalls.

The bare patches  in the lawn were badly burnt before the rain started, but now I suspect it may have actually drowned.


If tomorrow's post is similar, I will have no need to explain why!

© Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

© Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


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William Kendall said...

The birdhouse is a neat touch.

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