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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Soon to cause disappointment.

Oh yes!   What the world really needs is more highway revetment walls painted bright glossy pink!   What happened to the good old days, when these things were made of stone or timber to try to meld them with the background, or those little concrete blocks that stacked in great barren stacks with the thought that one day plants would grow down them but they never did?

That glossy pink is no doubt the latest thinking on the best way of guiding one under a bridge at a hundred kilometres per hour, but I can assure whoever is responsible that it won't last.  Despite the best intentions of the paint supplier, despite its twenty year guarantee, and despite everything else, it will be flat, not glossy in a few short years, and within ten, well let's just say I hope the intention was for a light pink chalky look.

With a little luck, the trees will be covering it anyway.

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Merisi said...

When I first spotted this picture, I thought of a work of art, a measuring tape of sorts.

William Kendall said...

Odd colour for the circumstance.

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