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Thursday, 1 September 2016


The reading area in the Caloundra library has possibly the world's "noisiest" mural.  For those who don't know who Astro Boy is, he is a little humanoid robot who continually saves the world by punching well above his weight.  

He doesn't know he's small I think, and that's a bit like the Caloundra Library.   It may not have the biggest collection or the fanciest building, but it does have friendly capable librarians who can get anything from anywhere, and an enormous number of services that can be accessed online.

One can even learn a musical instrument online through it's programmes.   It's the way libraries should be I think!

And all of that from someone who isn't backwards in criticising where its due!

This is just one photograph from participants in the City Daily Photo theme day "Library".  To see more libraries around the world click this link.

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William Kendall said...

I think the smaller libraries have the best service.

Linda said...

Fun mural! A bit surprising for a library.

Halcyon said...

Love the mural! Wonder if it gets kids interested in the books?

Gunn said...

I love the mural too. I think it is nice when they decorate and use design and art in public buildings.

RedPat said...

I'm sure the kids love that mural!

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