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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The last bit of fence Art ... for now....

Another piece of art on the caravan park fence:

Coral Sea Motif
Blair McNamara 2012 
I used the universal shape of the "fin" to tell some of my personal stories about Coolum.  The background (subterranean) boards reference the traditional place-name of Coolum having plenty of fresh water. 
The planks also vary in dimension and colours like a territorial brand, to express Coolum's contemporary identity threatened by over population.  We all love our town. 
The individual fin cut-ous represent a crowded surf and the Polynesian-styled panels below are our ancestors.  The smallest fin-ike shapes are the spark of grommets and our community potential.  Fins or "blanks" that sit within all of these shapes sympolise loss. 
Every fin is somone I have surfed with in a now endangered Coral Sea.

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William Kendall said...

Nice work by the artist!

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