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Friday, 30 May 2014


The asbestos cement sheeting on this house has been damaged for as long as I can remember, which admittedly is not as long as it once was, but in any case it's a couple of decades since the holes appeared.

The puzzle to me though is whether they were inflicted by a particularly severe hail storm, in which case one would expect other walls and the roof to be damaged as well, or whether the windows too have been broken by errant play on the neighbouring golf course.


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Burnt said...

Sir, I can understand your curiosity regarding the provenance of these 'asbestos' holes in this quaint sunny coast shack.
Interestingly I have some experience in such matters gained from my time running the streets of Pamplona in '81.
I contend that the aforementioned holes have most likely been inflicted by a particularly enraged droughtmaster bull standing on its hind hoove attempting to scratch it's sunburned hump in the mistaken belief that asbestos reduces he effects of burning.
What a silly fellow, don't you think?
Fontoroy Pluck

Unknown said...

Sir Roderick of Moffat

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