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Saturday 8 February 2014

Ye Olde Butcher

The shopfront is real, as is the awning, but I'd be curious to know how close to original the lettering style and the lovely leaf motif is.   I suspect that our perception may be different from the historic reality, but I'd love to see an early photo to prove me wrong.


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Elaine coolowl said...

The ornaments have the look of Zapf Dingbats about them. I've not looked into the typeface. I guess that the Butchers is at a reproduction village rather than a working shop. Where is it, just for interest.

Annie said...

there's a photo on the Maleny Historical society site..don't know whether it would be the same shop..or in the same place, guess the signage might change a few times over the years.


photo number 19 as you scroll through them..
I rather like number twenty, rolling the log off the dray, too!
Isn't the internet a great place. My father would have loved it..he was always saying "go and look it up". ;-)

I'll plonk a copy of the photo on my blog in case it is easier.

bitingmidge said...

Elaine, the butcher is still operating in the main street of Maleny.

Annie, thanks for the link. The photos are terrific. What a shame (perhaps one day it will happen) the original lettering style was not reinstated.

I think it's also a shame that modern "restorations" resort to jiggly fretwork and so on to make the building seem "old", when it actually didn't exist in the era the shop was built! Please look back a the photos Butcher people! :-)

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