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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Sunshine Plaza

From time to time I wander around Sunshine Plaza, camera in hand.   It's one of, the few places in the world where I can rely on someone hassling me because I am taking photos.  Mostly they are polite, do not identify themselves and I have no reason to believe that any have been representatives of the centre management, but they tell me I shouldn't be taking photographs because it infringes copyright or "privacy"!    

It happened when I was taking this photograph!   (Note I am NOT referring to the centre's security staff, who in my experience are courteous and filled with common sense - they seem to be able to detect that there is no evil underfoot!)

So here's a challenge:   Spot the copyright or privacy infringement in this photograph.   I can't see it for the life of me.  It seems to me to be of a building that someone has left outside in full view of the public, with some boats.

Perhaps one day I will see if I can actually get formal permission to hang around with my camera, that might solve the problem, but what about all those people with their mobile phones?

End of rant.

Sunshine Plaza

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Annie said...

Ha, you just reminded me that I was there the other night and took some photos on my phone. I wonder how they turned out, must check.
Yes I have had people come up to me in shopping centers and say I couldn't take a photo, unless it was of my sister only with no-one else in it. (in Melbourne). I think inside is probably worse than out there were you were!

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