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Monday, 14 January 2013

Tom Ella and Kate

There are many ways of leaving a mark.  Scratching a name in the mould on a dirty concrete wall is one which doesn't do permanent manage, and as successive Toms and Kates and Ellas arrive and make new marks over older fading ones, a pleasant sort of patina starts to emerge.

Graffiti is a theme that I have an interest in, but perhaps thankfully it is not in abundance in our town.  The occasional wit may be found, such as the example from March 2008 below, but there is precious little genuine street 'art' to be found.

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Janet said...

Peter, for street art, you need to come to America!

Buck said...

I like the sense of depth in the top photo. I never thought of taking pictures of the graffiti hereabouts; it seems grim to me. Maybe others would feel differently, hm. Thanks for sharing!

Virginia said...

WEll come to the U.S. for graffiti but watch out, it can be naughty. I posted some last week and failed to notice a rather large......well you know. I took it down that night. I need to be a tad more aware!

Julie said...

mmm ...

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