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Monday, 28 January 2013

Summer's End

 It's the last day of the summer holiday today.  Tonight holiday apartments and beach houses will be as empty as the highways will be full, as everyone makes the exodus south to Brisbane and another year of work and school.

 But the roads are broken and some of them flooded, so extra care will be needed while travelling.  Safe travels everyone, we'll see you next year!

This photo of course was taken earlier, before the arrival of the storms and winds and floods which have abated here apart from the odd squall and huge seas, continue to inundate communities further south.  

I guess the storms were sort of like a farewell fireworks show!

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Annie said...

ooh, that's where we stayed last year for our family reunion of siblings. Lovely!

Gosh, I never thought of all the traffic trying to get back to Brisbane. Hope they all don't try at once. Disaster! There didn't seem to be any photos of it on the news last night. Think they must have all gone home early! Or they didn't bother coming up for the weekend.

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