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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Beach Cleaning

There is a touch of blue in the sky, a touch of menace in the horizon, huge swells and lots of erosion, but the beach is free of weed now!

The inlet is what is left of Tooway Lake, now Tooway River I suppose, but in a few days the sand will be back across its entrance and the cycle will begin again.

Moffat Beach
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Lowell said...

It is so nice to see a clean beach like this. Every so often, groups of people hit our beaches and clean them up, but other people are such slobs and use them as a dumping ground.

Annie said...

A lovely photo of Moffatt Beach. It is a wonder we don't trip over each other. Moffatt is becoming very popular with the little family. We enjoyed fish and chips there the other night, before I had to return home on the train and survey the impact the storm had down here!
I do enjoy sitting watching the ocean there, and the sunset was quite delightful.
The fish and chips have been a mixed bag sometimes, have you discovered the best shop for the best fish and chips? We have always used The Fish Bowl, but have been disappointed a couple of times lately.

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