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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Australia - gateway to the new world!

I suppose I should be out taking photographs of flags and barbecues and people in hats with green and yellow suncream on their faces, but to be blunt, it's raining so hard I'd drown as soon as I left the front door.

After a month or more with not a drop of rain and temperatures in the high thirties, and the grass brown and crisp, with bush fires thrown for colour we now have what could only be described as "flooding rains", unusually high tides and big seas.  How Australian is that??

The social cricket game and family activities in the park have been abandoned.

So instead of photographing the cricket in the park I thought I'd reflect on a bit of Australian history, a time time not very long ago when "gated" was an adjective that conflicted with "community"not something to define it.

In those days the fence was simple, and sensibly built to make it easy for one to retrieve one's cricket ball after hitting a six (over the fence scored six and OUT).   The palings made useful cricket bats too, as long as they were back in place before dad got home from work, and neighbourhoods discussed everything of importance and other things to boot, "over the fence".

Privacy?  It's a back yard for crying out loud, if you need privacy, go inside, get out of the rain, and watch the cricket on television!

Moffat Beach

Today, Australia celebrates its national day.  To view more Australia Day photo blog posts, please follow THIS LINK.

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

As much as I love Australia, I would have to agree Midge that the weather is totally bizarre..where else in the world can you experience 40C one day and the very next 24C, madness! Can't believe you're having so much rain, feast or famine..stay dry!! Have a good long weekend!

Jo said...

the weather is ridiculous.....
great picture though :)
Happy Australia Day to you, hope you are having a great day..

Jim said...

Great post.

Julie said...

I only know 'gated' when joined with community. I do not know another 'gated', although I do know that one of our politicians has a walk that is described as 'gaited'. I wonder if one is 'gated' when eaten by a 'gator?

Now if over the fence were 6 and O_U_T what is a four, because sure as hell a four to this fence is under the fence, and certainly not I-N.

Are youse having tornadoes or cyclones? I thought tornadoes were over land, whereas cyclones were from the ocean. But Murdoch's rags are telling me the 't' word.

Hope you had a good one without too much coloured zinc creme.


Lovely photo, though sadly gated communities are more common here as well. Sorry about the extreme weather, scary how it's a worldwide phenomenon now!

Lowell said...

Fun post and very nice to hear from you!

You'll be interested to note that after 3 years in a 55+, gated community, we opted out and purchased a home in a regular neighborhood in Ocala. Part of the reason was there was less privacy in the gated community! :-)

Small City Scenes said...

Well since we live in 'wet' Wesyern Washington we are quite accustomed to everyday rain. We often talk about building an Ark but we do have webs between our toes (not) so we manage. No droughts extra hot temps though.
I like your image of a fence and gate---would not want to live in a gated community no matter what one means.
Happy wet Australia day. MB

Joan Elizabeth said...

So you are having a typical Queensland summer then or typical like it was 40 years or so ago ... back when that type of fence was still in vogue.

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