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Monday, 22 October 2012


The traditional house in our neighbourhood is under threat.   Built post-war of light timber framework and clad inside and out with a wonder material "Fibrolite", known colloquially as "fibro", they were small, hot ill ventilated things without insulation that had us all sitting outside on a warm evening, or better still to sit by the beach nowhere near the house at all.

Nostalgia disguised as history, would have us believe that they were something more, or something less, but "Fibrolite" was composed of cement mixed with asbestos fibres, and whatever the push to have them saved, the materials of which they were constructed may well be their downfall.

The sun may be setting on the traditional beach house.
© Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

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Annie said...

The problem is no-one an afford to demolish them, with all the safety regulations around.

I remember standing beside my father as a small child, helping him to cut the fibro sheets as he renovated our house. Exciting times!

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