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Monday, 1 October 2012


The standard footwear on the coast is known as the "thong", I have no idea why.  In other parts of the world it's called he flip flop, and in New Zealand it's a Jandal.

There is a basic design fault shared by all, however, and that is that when a little bit of wear occurs around the sole, the holes enlarge and the strap just pops out.   This gave rise to the super model with duplicate "plugs" which is known simply as "the double plugger".

This one is a single plugger, abandoned now, its owner no doubt half limping across the road on the way home in that funny walk we get when we stand on sharp stones, as though walking funny will make it hurt less.   If only he'd known that there is a simple temporary repair:

A bread bag clip - those funny "c" shaped bits of plastic, work as a perfect washer over the plug, enough to get one home at any rate.

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