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Friday, 12 October 2012

A Shocker

Today was not the sort of day that gave the town its name.  

The thermometer barely made it to twenty-five, the wind was about the same (in knots), and those little dots above the horizon left of screen which look like dust on my lens but which are actually kite sails with boards attached.  

Who knows what the owners were thinking but as we sat watching the whales on their migratory run, I couldn't help thinking that it would be far more pleasant inside with a cup of coffee in hand, and I wasn't getting wet!

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Stefan Jansson said...

It was freezing when I woke up.

Annie said...

It certainly is a tough life up there, but I guess someone has to be doing the windsurfing, and others drinking the coffee. I know where I'd be on a horrible day too!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Oh for 25 on Friday (or any day for that matter). It was 9 in the house with sleet outside. Didn't get the see the snow dump further up the hill because the road was closed but there was still some thawing when we drove up that way yesterday,

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