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Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Blur

I've been burning the candle at both ends for a time, working on a secret City Daily Photo project, and now I can't even hold my camera steady!   Actully I was trying to blur everything but the cable ties on the helmet and nearly did it, but not quite.

The cable ties are there to distract marauding magpies, which get terribly aggressive around this time of year.  Some get quite specific in who they attack too; only small children or postmen or women on bikes, but to most for some reason, cyclists seem to cop the full force of their fury.

I am not sure if the cable ties do much, but I'd rather have a cable tie snapped at than my ear.

Dicky Beach

 © Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Annie said...

The real problem with the poor old magpies is that we can't actually see or hear them coming. Often they are just right there upon you before you know it. Carrying a stick or umbrella to swing or protect oneself at this time of year, (especially if on foot) is mandatory!
At least the plovers give warning with the noise they make when attacking...which is good considering the damage they can inflict!

Unknown said...

I never heard of getting attacked by a magpie - how interesting!

Peter - Your City Daily Photo project is AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for all your effort to keep our community humming along again. We were limping along on FB, but now, we have a place in cyberspace again. You are the best! I will hoist a few in your honor!

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