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Sunday, 21 November 2010


Ready to find the wreck.

(The wreck of the HMAS Brisbane - click here for photos of the sinking!)

The Wharf,
© Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Stefan Jansson said...

Are they diving for a particular wreck, or just hoping to find one?

bitingmidge said...

Hi Steffe, see the (New) link in the text above.


Anonymous said...

Oh cool, ya'll have fun & be careful!!!

TheChieftess said...

How cool!!! I learned how to dive years ago, but never got into it...scared myself silly when I kept reaching for a rock fish and my buddy kept pulling my hand back...he later told me that they were quite deadly!!! That cured me!

London Caller said...

Sunk in 2005, is it already teeming with life?
I saw a BBC documentary about coral ecosystem years ago.
They actually take decades to develop...

Anonymous said...

Wow, can't believe you were there at that moment.

Anonymous said...

That sinking will make a nice reef in a short period of time.

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