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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Winter Approaches

It's only a week or so until Winter officially commences, and while we don't actually have anything that could be described as "nasty winter weather" we all think we do.

There are few people to be seen on the beaches and the days are terribly short. (We think!)   Here at Kings Beach, there is not a soul to be seen at 5:00 pm on a working day, and it looks all bleak and forlorn, but the reality is that I was standing in a tee shirt in a temperature around 20°.

It just looks like winter!
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Jim said...

You winters are quite mild in comparison to Sydney. We've had a sudden cold snap this weekend and shivering at the thoughts of the winter ahead.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Bill said...

20ºC is twice as warm as it was driving to the airport at Sydney this morning. We got off the plane and it was 22ºC. Ah, it's good to be back.

Stefan Jansson said...

It's a tough life Down Under. 20C in early winter I could live with that!

Annie said...

Ah, the warming effect of the ocean eh?

I can assure you we get down to zero here sometimes, and very often below ten in the early mornings. Just as well the temp does rise during the day though.

It pays to be a little closer to the ocean!

I have a friend from the US who has lived here for years, and she doesn't like the winters on the Sunshine Coast. Maybe that's because she spent too much time in Darwin. And lives in an open plan (modern) Queenslander.

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