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Friday, 21 May 2010


There is a well known European supermarket chain which is establishing itself very nicely around the country.  The stores are much smaller than the larger chains, and often they build over a ground level carpark, which calls for challenging design solutions to allow people and heavily laden trolleys to rise from carpark to shop level.

This is done simply by ramp or elevator usually, but in Caloundra at least, the elevator is in a beaut glass shaft, which is strange because the car itself is a standard, non see-through variety.

Perhaps it's so the service technicians can see if the cables are fraying without having to dismantle anything.

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Jim said...

Aldi has build some intereting looking supermarkets around Sydney too.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

cara said...

Perhaps they ran out of money and didn't have enough for the fancy glass car. Or they could have bought their shaft from woolies and their lift car from Aldi.
Handy if you want some privacy. Someone I know used to have a glass lift (all the way through) at work. He would let out a trump just as he was alighting and watch the faces of the new passengers crease up in disgust as they rose into the distance.

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