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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Butcher Bird

This little bloke is one of a family that watches me most days as I sit on the steps drinking my morning coffee.  Sometimes I feel as though I should apologise to him, but I have no idea what I've done!

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Lois said...

He's cute!

Leeds daily photo said...

Great photo. He looks a bit like the magpie that we have here in UK.
Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo Paul

Bill said...

A lot of people don't like butcher birds but I do. We used to have a family visiting us every day but the noisy minas chased them away. This has given me an idea, I'll post our 'butchie' tomorrow.

Annie said...

Great shot. You should remind your "viewers" that the butcher bird has the hook on his beak, to distinguish him from the magpie.

Sounds like your house wasn't designed for the winter sun...or maybe you have a water view as well as birds to look at it!!

I love sitting on the front patio, but all I get is the traffic...oh and some trees and flora and fauna.

The back patio is better with the Great Divide and Cunningham's Gap!

cara said...

I heard somewhere that the Butcher Bird gets its name because it hangs it's prey up on trees a bit like a butcher would hang a carcass of meat... nice! Birds in Australia definitely aren't namby pamby, are they?

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