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Tuesday, 25 May 2010


My blood doesn't quite boil, but I can't help but be a little disgruntled when I'm somewhere like downtown Caloundra, and I see overgrown grass, bins awaiting collection, road signs hidden behind power poles, and I think of all the onerous conditions that would be placed on someone trying to redevelop.

If Council spent as much time working in a positive way among its existing infrastructure as it does "assessing" development applications... well I'd better not go on!

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Lois said...

My daughter had an accident with one of those trash bins because someone left it too far out on a very narrow road! It did a lot of damage to her car.

Annie said...

With all due respect, I am not sure that we should expect all our towns to conform to the "new" and "modern" and perfect look of resort places that we are finding these days...don't you feel that by relaxing a little we can let places have their own unique character? I will be disappointed when Caloundra starts to look as pristine as all the other "done up" places along the coast. Why can't we just leave a little of the older places alone to be themselves?

I am glad to see you have wandered down to enjoy the Caloundra sights, the last few days...hope you are enjoying wandering around the rocks of Shelley Beach. Will look forward to seeing a photo! ;-)

bitingmidge said...

Annie, we are at one on this!

My reference to Council was oblique admittedly, but the conditions imposed on new developments are intent on creating exactly the lack of character you (and I) dislike. Everything must conform to the latest (newly graduate planning officer's) view of what the book tells 'em is new.

The thing I care for least about here is the terrible "newness" of it all.

And as for Shelley Beach, well I'll get there as soon as the sun comes out, but in the meantime, here's one I prepared earlier:


Annie said...

Ah, bitingmidge, I don't follow comment threads. So thanks for popping over to let me know about your response here!

So pleased to read about your views on development. Have a niece into town planning in the south, so will be more interested in what these youngies are up to now!

I popped over to see the rockpools. I was about to say yesterday that I thought perhaps rock pools might be a little hard to photograph, but you seem to have got a different angle on the subject there!


I must be getting hard to please these days. But it is the rockpools on the end of SHELLEY beach that I find most interesting. That photo appears to have been taken at Moffat Beach? Sorry to be getting curmudgeonly these days. Yes, I will give you some leeway for the weather!! Especially if you don't actually live in Caloundra. Have often wanted to live there, but the traffic going to and fro anywhere is almost as bad as any other town. And the holidays must be horrible when everyone piles in!

I better go, anyone would think I had nothing to do here! Time to sort out the tax papers for the last year or two. After too much to-ing and fro-ing to kids and grandkids and family around the place/world.

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