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Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Glasshouses
1 of 6 - The Approach

This used to be the highway between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and I'm nervous as the first glimpse of mountain appears over the crest, framed by what must be far too many power lines to service the Glasshouse communities.

I'm nervous because I've tried this many times before. I've tried to photograph the mountains, but they have their ways of hiding. On a clear day, they'll sit below the only cloud, at sunrise, they'll turn their backs to me, at sunset they'll hide in the haze.

Today I'm going to have one more try! (I didn't succeed entirely, but at least I have something to go on.)

The Glasshouses have appeared looming in the background of my photos many times during the past few years, which is where they prefer to be I think.

Glasshouse Mountains

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cara said...

YES! I am mentally punching the air.

Steffe said...

It's good that you won't give up. I really like this photo with the road and the mountains in the background.

Julie said...

Yes, the road is good. Hard to believe it is termed a highway.

Wonder why they are called Glass House ... from memory something to do with Sir Joseph Banks or maybe his captain ...

Lois said...

I'm looking forward to your pictures!

altadenahiker said...

I'd love to run on this road. Looks so promising.

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