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Monday, 22 June 2009

Skim Boarding
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The skim board is a strange beast, it was developed in the 60's for kids like me who couldn't afford a proper surfboard. In our day it was a simple ply disk, which was skimmed along the shallow water as a wave receded, and one would run and mount it, skimming along on the sand.

Times have changed, and the boards are now a little more extreme. The object now is to skim into an oncoming wave, and using it's power to jettison oneself skywards, execute a series of elegant aerial manoeuvres!

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Julie said...

Oh goodie ... I will enjoy this series of 4 ... here he is our intrepid modern youth ... surveying the situation for a target ... where to get the most Gs for his buck ...

bitingmidge said...

i think you will enjoy them! Specially the way he changes his outfit every second shot!

Lowell said...

You mean you're not doing those elegant maneuvers these days.

I do lots of elegant maneuvers. One of my favorites is to crawl out of bed in the morning very elegantly (which means I don't fall on my you-know-what)...and then I use my arm in an especially elegant way to hoist a cup of java (which means I don't spill all over myself)...

Well, you get my drift. Most of my maneuvering these days is with a camera!


I do think this is a superb photograph...you maneuvered that shutter very well!

Thanks for your special comment on Ocala DP!

Babzy.B said...

i'm looking forward the serie !!!

Lois said...

Very nice shot! Looking forward to more.

Bergson said...

I like the reflection on the wet sand

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