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Friday, 1 August 2008


Sunshine Plaza is the largest regional shopping centre in town, and like many other buildings, architecturally it has it's share of our vernacular building material, "corrugated iron" roofing and metal structures.

This lightweight method of construction evolved from our earliest settlers who had to transport building materials very long distances, and corrugated iron was ideal for this purpose.


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Raquel Sabino Pereira said...

I simply LOVE night lights!!!
Great choice for theme day!!!!

(mine is already prepared, but it is still 23h45 here in Lisbon... so DO be patient... LOL)

Jane Hards Photography said...

One of the brightest so far.

USelaine said...

Neon is always fun, and the history is even more fun. Thanks.

magiceye said...

Good representation of the theme!

Jilly said...

That's a different take on today's Theme. Love the colours. I remember being surprised by the amount of corrugated iron on roofs when I lived in Australia.

Sally said...

The front of our house is tiled roof, the back good old corrugated, well it's Colourbond these days, not iron.

Sydney Daily Photo

Shantaram said...

Nice, colourful metal.... thought you got in with your metal post the previous day, though... ;)

Janet Kincaid said...

Beautiful interpretation of this month's theme. I love the combination of metal and neon.

Happy Theme Day!


freefalling said...

Oh - I did not know that!
I wondered why it was used so extensively.
It is EXTREMELY popular here in Ararat - lots of corrugated iron fences - it's great in 40degree heat!

MmeBenaut said...

Shopping at the Plaza is terrific. I've been there a few times. In fact, I bought a very expensive tahitian pearl necklace there!

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