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Monday, 2 February 2015

Cars Rule!

Another whinge about bicycle paths.  Can you see the path?  It's the one that does a right angled turn on the left, crosses the road for another right angled turn, crosses the road again, then sort of disappears under the trees.

So here I am, barrelling gently down the hill on the bike path, when I notice a sharp (right angled) bend ahead.   That's alright in principal, as it does tend to slow one for the road crossing.

Then I wonder out loud if I am really going to go across the road, stop again, do another right angled turn or will I just head off now across the footpath and straight over to the path on the diagonal.  (It does continue beyond those shadows by the way).

It's interesting that there is traffic calming and a nice concrete pad to boot, right there at the bus stop where no-one has a reason to cross, but bikes are some sort of sport in this town!

Dicky Beach
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William Kendall said...

There is an effort here to put in more bike paths... even though most cyclists don't ride in winter.

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