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Friday, 2 October 2020

Sunshine Coast Life under Covid 19

This is not a gloating photo, rather it's an expression of gratitude that we live in one of the safest places in one of the safest countries on the globe.

We have had the good fortune (and credit to the Government for its good management as well) to have experienced almost no community transmission.

However, life is not normal.   Bars are open with strict regulations (no dancing for instance) and we can visit in groups of up to thirty (socially distanced) people.    

The sky is blue and spring temperatures are still down in the mid twenties, so it's a bit cool for the beach, not that this lot understands that!



William Kendall said...

Similar regulations here at the moment, but we've seen a spike in the numbers in the last few days.

Denton said...

oh how I wish the US had leadership up to the challenge we face.

Pauline said...

I hope your state and the country in which I live stay as safe as we are now. Love the Sunshine Coast and hope to visit again one day in the not too far distant future.

Denton said...

Hi Peter, thanks for lettings us know that your thumbnails were not appearing on the City Daily Photo portal. The problem has been fixed and your thumbnails now appear on the portal. Also, a gallery has been added for your blog site. On the portal select mention option blogs for a list of sites and galleries.

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