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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Dog's eye.

The "dog's eye", rhyming slang for meat pie is as much a part of traditional Australian culture as the kangaroo.  In the not so distant past they were by far the largest selling food item in the country.  They are often drowned in "dead horse" (tomato sauce) although strangely it's called ketchup just about anywhere else in the world, but this one is covered in "mash" - mashed potato.

Pie culture cannot be better described than in this advertisement from a year or ten ago:-

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the accent we use when at home when speaking to one another, the conversation in the clip goes as follows:-

"Do you reckon they know what they are missing out on?"

"They wouldn't have a clue by the look of them."

Moffat Beach

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William Kendall said...

Interesting phrase for something I'd be glad to try!

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