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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

It is with some sadness.

Barely a year after I posted this photograph  the predator fig is no more.  It had been going so well too, but clearly it raised the ire of someone.

Ires are funny things - they  allow one tear out a plant, presumably because of it's potential to impact on the environment, yet at the same time allow one to overlook the plastic and hessian stapled to the tree.

I shall return to tidy that up!

Moffat Beach.

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Julie said...

Do you mean teer or tare? Presumably, the hessian is okay, but hard to justify the plastic.

bitingmidge said...

No Julie, I did mean tear. It has been torn out!

The hessian was OK when the tree was growing there (see link in the post), but since someone took umbrage at the poor thing, ripping it out... I would have preferred they'd tidied the whole mess up!

William Kendall said...

Thanks for reposting the older link- now I remember!

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