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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Not Ettamogga

It is half interesting in a voyeuristic sort of way, watching all the artificial icons of the Coast's tourist industry slowly fading away.   The "Ettamogga Pub" was never in Etamogga.  That was a fictional place dreamt up by a cartoonist half a century and more ago.

Two replicas were built at opposing ends of the country.  This was one of them until a licensing dispute (well ok, apparently the owners were tired of paying license fees) saw the name removed from the building and the vintage car parked on its roof removed.

I suspect the building is distinctive enough that the lawyers will not be satisfied.

Time will tell.


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Jack said...

Quite a nice photograph, Peter.

William Kendall said...

They're at opposite ends of the country. Are both owners so greedy that they can't live and let live?

Elaine coolowl said...

Aussie kitsch :-\

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