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Monday 1 September 2014

Rust and Ruin

This photograph was taken in late May for several reasons.  The most important of those is that the wreck of the SS Dicky, which has featured here many times before and gave its name to the beach on which it rests, is being moved, and I wasn't sure that it would still be here for a current photograph.

My absence from the country at this time is also problematic, but not to worry.

I can't make up my mind whether moving a wreck, a few bits of rusted iron, to a park several hundred metres away is actually "preserving it" as the good intentioned folk who are responsible for the move believe, but that is what is happening.

A wreck is a wreck I would have thought, but the next photo I take of it will tell a different story.

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Dicky Beach.
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Loire Daily Photo said...

Wonderful sunset for a rusty old wreck. I look forward to seeing the next location.

RedPat said...

Love this shot!

Jack said...

Wow! You nailed this one. And you can maybe re-use it for movement and landmark!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Moving it. Are they crazy!

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