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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Dead or Dying

I'm not sure what more evidence Council requires that the Pandanus trees on Moffat Headland have been badly impacted by the Jamella plant hopper, or perhaps by  bacteria Phytoplasma australiense  but whatever the case this one is in a very sad state indeed.

It's actually sad to watch as well, as one by one the trees succumb.   Hopefully others will be planted to replace them.

Moffat Headland

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Annie said...

oh no, not Moffatt. I hadn't noticed, how observant I am, I drove down to Moffatt the other day!

It doesn't seem so long ago, but possibly some years now, that the pandanus were all dying at Noosa around the coast. I wonder how they are going, or did they all succumb too?

Merisi said...

Very sad situation, beautifully framed! Love the edge of water and horizon.

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