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Monday 1 July 2013


I have heard rumours of a Police speed camera in Duporth Avenue Maroochydore, but when I found it it turns out to be a projector, set up to illuminate a sculpture piece.

So the speed camera is a fake, a facade if you would!

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Dianne said...

That's definitely a facade Gemma .... hopefully it works on both accounts.

Allan Lloyd said...

Alternatively, it’s a speed camera pretending to be a projector failing to be a speed camera – now there’s a sneaky double facade.

LOLfromPasa said...

Well thought out - terrific facade :).

Merisi said...

Love your take on the facade theme! :-)

I'd eye a contraption like that very suspiciously, one never knows what's in that box of chocolates. ;-)

Buck said...

A very clever interpretation of the theme!

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