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Wednesday, 20 February 2013


"Dogs allowed off-leash between 4:00pm and 8:00am".

It's a great place for the dogs of the neighbourhood of all shapes and sizes to let off a bit of steam, and for their owners to simply stand and chat until curfew.

The sun is out, and the wind is building!

Moffat Beach

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Karen said...

Lovely shot, great fun for the dogs, being able to run free.

Annie said...

I was never game to let my dog off the leash. Being a Labrador, I was afraid she would take off and I'd never see her again! Swimming to New Zealand, or somewhere. ;-)

bitingmidge said...

We have the same problem with the grand-puppy. He's well behaved until he sees a seagull flying out to sea, then there's no stopping him!

Annie said...

pleased to hear others have similar problems. I used to leave the leash on, but let her run...at least she was easier to catch with a bit of rope trailing,in the days when there were some of us who could run fast enough to catch up!

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